Owerheidsvorme en geregtigheidsprobleme in Bybelse perspektief

GDS Smit


In this paper several types of governmental systems in use in ancient Israel are discussed, as well as their influence on religious justice. These governmental forms were often understood in terms of theocracy in the Old Testament. The paper aims to give an account of different forms of government in Biblical perspective to draw a conclusion whether theocracy was effective as a mode of government in ancient Israel, and whether democracy should be accepted as an exemplary governmental system in Christian society. In conclusion, it is argued that no theocratic governmental system ever was, or will be effective, if understood as a system with the absence of a formal government. It is also argued that no democratic system can be effective with the absence of and adherence to the guidelines of Biblical Scripture.


Democracy; Impersonal justice; Judicial system; Personal justice; Theocracy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17570/ngtt.2008.v49n1.a22


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