A Roman Catholic perspective on religions and the state in search of the common goodin Nigeria

Cletus T Gotan


This paper uses “Religion” and “state” interchangeably for
church and politics, church and government, and church and civil society. The two
are undeniably autonomous and function in different domains, and yet they live in
sybiosis, sharing common concerns and interests. The Church’s mission is apolitical,
but she cannot remain on the sidelines in her prophetic office of relating the
Gospel to the practical world of today for the sake of the promotion and salvation
of humanity. To arrive at a “Roman Catholic perspective” on the need for cooperation
towards the common good, the paper reflects upon specific papal documents, pastoral
letters, and episcopal communiqués. Finally, within the current Nigerian context,
the fight against increasing poverty and misery, injustice, and the apparent
flourishing of the greedy and corrupt, are identified as examples of possible areas
for collaboration between church and state.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5952/53-0-203


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