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A social-scientific analysis of head within Psalms 108-110 indicate from another theme (war) and perspective (honour), how the relating imagery communicates warfare, develops and establishes a connection between Psalms 108-110. In this two part article, this is established by indicating in the first article that the imagery of the head can be considered as part of warfare imagery. The role of honour and shame as an expression of the function and purpose of the warfare imagery is made through a social-scientific analysis of the head. Iconography of different ancient Near Eastern contexts is used as an extratextual source to elucidate the concept of the head in its use of warfare imagery, expressed through honour and shame. In the second article, the use of the head in Psalms 108-110 is examined and applied. This helps to indicate the development and connection between Psalms 108-110 through the imagery of the head.   


War, Head, Honour, Psalms 108-110


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