In January 2017 the Society of Practical Theology in South Africa held its annual meeting in Stellenbosch with as theme: “Decolonising Practical Theology in South Africa.” One of the articles included in this current edition of the Stellenbosch Theological Journal (STJ), namely Johan Cilliers’ “The Kairos of Karos: Revisiting Notions of Temporality in Africa,” was read at this conference. Several other articles in this volume also have a direct reference to Africa in the titles (see for instance the articles by Agbiji, Akinloye, Akper, Biwul, Kakwata, Kaunda, and Kgatle).

Also included in this edition are three articles by Dutch scholars (from the Protestant Theological University, PThU) that were read at a conference in October 2017 in Stellenbosch on the topic “Justice for Strangers and the Right to be Particular” (see the articles by De Lange, Rondaij, and Van Klinken). The article of Theo de Wit – a political philosopher, also from the Netherlands – on Charles Taylor and the notions of identity and recognition, in turn, was presented in August 2017 in Stellenbosch as part of a consultation on political theology.

In the first edition of STJ (January 2015) we published a review article by Ernst Conradie on the revised edition of Anton van Niekerk’s much-discussed book Geloof sonder Sekerhede: Hoe kan ek nog glo? (Faith without certainties: How can I still believe?). In this edition we include Van Niekerk’s extended engagement with Conradie’s review article.

In addition to the 24 peer-reviewed articles from a variety of disciplines and perspectives presented here, we also include two reviews of books by John de Gruchy and Steven Paas respectively.

Robert Vosloo

Editor: STJ