Stellenbosch Theological Journal 2018, Vol 4, No 2, 9–10


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The French philosopher Paul Ricoeur – who is from a Reformed background – famously began his seminars by posing the question to his students: D’où parlez-vous? (From where do you speak?). This question provided the theme for an international conference of the Society of Ricoeur Studies that was co-hosted in May 2018 by Stellenbosch University’s Department of Philosophy and Faculty of Theology. We are privileged to include in this edition of STJ eight articles first read at that conference. The article by Bernard Lategan was one of the plenary papers at the conference with the theme: “Ricoeur in South Africa: Some remarks on his impact beyond philosophy.”

Readers with an interest in the history of Afrikaans philosophical discourses, might have taken note of Pieter Duvenage’s book Afrikaanse filosofie: Perspektiewe en dialoë. The review article of Dirk Louw engages with this book.

We also include seven articles that were originally read at a conference of the International Colloquium for the Study of the New Testament (ICSNT), held in June 2018 at the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. The objective of the ICSNT is to promote high level scientific research of the New Testament. The colloquium of 2018 had as its theme, “God in the New Testament”, and all the papers read at the conference thus addressed this topic. Various corpi of the New Testament received attention at the meeting, such as Pauline and deutero-Pauline theology, the Acts of the Apostles, and the Gospel of John. Furthermore, one paper addressed the topic from a systematic theological perspective (see the article of Venter). A special word of thanks to professors Jan-Albert van den Berg and Francois Tolmie who acted as guest editors for this section of the journal.

In addition to the articles mentioned above, we also include a further nineteen peer-reviewed academic articles dealing with a wide array of topics. Special mention can be made of the article by Prof Dirkie Smit entitled “ ‘Hope for even the most wretched?’ On remembering the Reformation.” This article was presented in October 2017 as his retirement lecture at a conference held in Stellenbosch commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. After his retirement from Stellenbosch University in 2017, Smit became professor at Princeton Theological Seminary. In March 2018 he gave the Warfield lectures, now also available online (see:

Robert Vosloo

Editor: STJ