Die stil stem van die vroue in die vroeë sendingwerk van der Kaapsche Kerk in Njassaland (1896–1906)Deel I: Uitstuur- of opleidingskonteks

  • Isabelle Murray Universiteit Nkhoma
Keywords: Women, early missioniaries, Central-Africa, mission context, training


Although by 1910 half of the staff of the “Kaapsche Kerk” in Nyasaland was female, their stories have scarcely been told. To give these women a voice, the author utilises two main sources: the newly retrieved personal diaries of Reverend Andrew George Murray who arrived in 1901 in Nyasaland. Albeit written from a male perspective, the detailed diary-descriptions of the missionary work give an interesting depiction of the role and contribution of the female missionaries. This source is substantiated by the letters of Bessie Horne, who married eerwaarde TCB Vlok in May 1894, travelled to and lived with him at Livlezi until her death in April 1896. Her letters reflect her ruminations during those few fever-ridden months. Corroborated by speeches, papers, letters, and “witnesses” written by various educators and female missionaries at the time, the story of preparation, hardship and challenge, barrenness and “wildness”, unfolds.
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