Die geestelike aard van die kerklike tug soos in gereformeerde kerkordes

  • Piet Strauss Universiteit van die Vrystaat
Keywords: Die Dordtse kerkorde, Gereformeerdheid, Kerkreg, kerklike tug, geestelike aard


The spiritual character of church disciplineThis article focuses on the meaning of the words “the spiritual character of church discipline” used in the Church Order of Dordrecht in 1619 and since then in the church orders of churches with an affinity for the Church Order of Dordt.The conclusion is that the aim, way of implementation and climate of church discipline combined with other considerations in reformed church government all help to clarify the spiritual character of church discipline. At the basis of it the spiritual character of this kind of discipline is determined by the spiritual discipline of the Word and Spirit of God. In this regard inner convictions and not physical force or a technical application of church order measures must determine the acts of church discipline. Steps which should also be spiritual in nature.Church discipline should be in obedience to the Head of the church, Jesus Christ. He governs the church through His Word.
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