Integrity and Justice at Stake: Confessing and embodying unity – A feminist theological perspective


  • K Sporre



Confession of Belhar, struggle, equality, unity


This paper discusses the question of the church’s integrity and justice towards women from a feminist theological perspective. In light of the history of the Confession of Belhar, the article also explores the possibility of the proclamation of a status confessionis on gender issues in the church, as well as possible reasons why this has happened in the case of apartheid and not regarding the oppression of and discrimination against women. The article then draws attention to the state of women in society and church in a comparative global overview thereof, and challenges existing bias against women in churches regarding their dogma and praxis with reference to the thought of post-Christian feminist theologian Daphne Hampson. Finally, reference is again made to the Confession of Belhar and the contributions it, and a church that strives to embody it, can make in the struggle for women’s equality and thus to the embodiment of Christian unity, also between the sexes.






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