Woordverkondiging by Calvyn - enkele implikasies vir die opbou van die kerk in Afrika

  • VE DAssonville
Keywords: Calvin, Calvyn, kerygma, Woordverkondiging


An analysis of Calvins use of the concept of "doctrina" corrects the false image of Calvin being a doctrinal or intellectual theologian. Simultaneously it revises the negative perceptions about "doctrina". This has some important consequences for the reformed religion as well as for the reflection on church growth in Africa. Calvin uses the concept of "doctrina" in a dynamical way. Thereby he accentuates the reformed truth to acknowledge dependence on God and his Word. The "doctrina" on the pulpit, the "doctrina" in the catechetical teaching, "the doctrina" in the pastoral care (or the "doctrina" in the theological classroom for that matter) should always relate to God as the speaking God (Deus loquens) as well as to his Word. Hence Scripture as the Word of God and the ministering of this Word is crucial for church growth. God uses the offices in ministering this "doctrina", that is his Word; and He builds his church (that is the ecclesiae aedificatio) with this "doctrina" - also in Africa.
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