Die invloed van ’n postmoderne tydsgees op die kerklied - enkele rigtingwysers

  • E Kloppers
Keywords: hymnals, hymns, Kerklied, postmodern cultur, postmoderne tydsgees


The worship service is surrounded by a postmodern culture, which may influence the singing of hymns, the compilation of hymnals and the reception of new hymns and hymnals. Aspects of postmodernism, such as a spirit of anti-authoritarianism, anti- foundationalism, pluralism and the postmodern “global village” are discussed. The broader notion of rationality and anthropology which provides for the ethical, emotional and social side of human nature, as well as a renewed recognition of rituals, symbols, images, metaphors and experience as indispensable human needs, are reflected upon. The theological challenges posed by this cultural environment are discussed and related to the influence on hymns, hymnals and the singing of hymns.
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