"A gift from heaven" - the reception of the Belhar Confession in the period 1982-2000 and its ecumenical significance today

  • P Naude
Keywords: A gift from heaven, Belhar


This article comprises of two parts. In part one reception is explained conceptual as a process that consists of three phases, namely explication, recognition and common confession. It is then applied to the reception of the Belhar Confession between the concept of 1982 and the year 2000. In part two the theological relevance of Belhar is explained in view of a few significant recent ecumenical developments. The article finds that although the formal reception process was subjected to specific ecclesiological restrictions and is making progress slowly, the ecumenical echo of Belhar without doubt is of great significance. Belhar speaks far beyond its context and time and is a source of theological insight for the church in ecumenical context.
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