Wat sÍ die Bybel oor vernuwing en transformasie in die gemeente? (Deel 2: Nuwe Testament)


  • DF O‚ÄôKennedy




Congregation, Gemeente, renewal, Transformasie, Transformation, vernuwing


Many church leaders and congregation members discuss the theme of renewal and transformation in the church. Often they reflect on these transformation processes from the perspective of the sociology or management sciences. One can learn from these perspectives, but it is a pity that in many instances they neglect the biblical basis. This article poses a possible answer to the following question: What does the Bible teach us on renewal and transformation in the church? It is the second in a series of two articles discussing the same theme. The first article focused on the Old Testament while the current article focuses on the New Testament discussing the issue under the following sub- headings: (1) the time of Jesus and his twelve apostles before the first congregation; (2) the first New Testament congregation in Jerusalem; (3) new challenges for the congregation in Jerusalem; (4) the congregation in Antioch, and (5) several congregations in Asia Minor and surrounding areas. At the end the author suggests a few possible biblical guidelines for the understanding of renewal and transformation in the church. The New Testament testifies that the church of Christ reflected on every new phase in their history. In many instances there were new ministering structures and new leadership patterns.






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