Die "oop gesprek": historiese diskoers in die Bybelwetenskappe met spesifieke verwysing na Bybelse argeologie

  • R de W Oosthuizen
Keywords: Biblical archaeology, Bybelse argeologie, Bybelwetenskappe, oop gesprek, open-ended


The relationship between “text” and “context” forms an integral part of the current debate regarding the authority of Scripture, in as far as the truth (authority), in one way or another, is being defined in terms of the world (historical context) out of which the text emerged. Notwithstanding certain developments in the field of Biblical scholarship as well as archaeology, the discipline of Biblical archaeology continues to survive as the framework within which these two disciplines join forces, and, quite possibly, may enter into the historical discourse in meaningful dialogue with each other. Of decisive importance for Biblical archaeology is the foundation on which this dialogue takes place. After all, the basis on which the dialogue takes place has a determining influence on the collection and interpretation of archaeological data, and its use, similarly, in connection with the understanding and interpretation of the Bible.
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