Kinders aan die nagmaaltafel in die NG Kerk - ’n evaluering van ’n aantal praktiese aspekte


  • JGM Prins



Children, Dutch Reformed Church, Kinders, nagmaaltafel, NG Kerk, the Lord’s Table


Since April 1999 baptised children who believe in Jesus Christ, meet the conditions of 1 Corinthians 11 and wish to partake in Holy Communion, may be allowed to the Lord’s Table. This research was undertaken to evaluate the extent to which the decisions of the Synod and the implications thereof were fulfilled. Questionnaires were sent to 307 congregations, which were evenly distributed over the whole country. Of the questionnaires 128 were completed and returned. Important findings were that 16% of the congregations have not yet admitted children to the Lord’s table; that 72% left the investigation of the child’s readiness to participate in as well as the admittance to the Lord’s table in the hands of the parents; that an ongoing process of teaching and accompaniment of both parents and children in this regard is lacking in a majority of congregations, and that there is not enough clarity on how to handle the situation in cases where children are keen to participate while the parents are not interested. An important need of teaching materials has also been identified






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