A time for confession? On the WARC project "Reformed Faith and Economic Justice"ť

  • DJ Smit
Keywords: Confession, Economic Justice, Reformed Faith, WARC


In 1997 the General Council of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches called for “a processus confessionis, a committed process of progressive recognition, education, and confession, within all WARC member churches at all levels regarding world economic justice and ecological destruction”. This paper reflects on some of the important theological questions at stake in that decision, namely whether, how, on what grounds and in what sense our time could indeed be considered “a time for confession” regarding economic justice and ecological destruction. First, the story of some major developments leading up to the WARC’s call for a processus confessionis is briefly told. Some of the relevant but unpublished decisions and reports are presented. Then a few general theological reminders are offered, clarifying why such decisions are not strange to the Reformed tradition and community. Finally, the specific theme of a processus confessionis is considered in some detail.
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