NG Kerkfamilie: kerkvereniging in ’n doodloopstraat of nie?

  • HH Van der Linde
Keywords: Dutch Reformed Church Family, NG Kerkfamilie


The Dutch Reformed Church family presently finds itself in an impasse and the progress on the road to ecclesiastical unity has, to a large extent, come to a standstill. Although contact on local level and new potential for dialogue was cultivated on synodical level, little progress was made. This article raises the question if the unification process is at a dead end or not. More than only theological, ecclesiastical and church polity factors often play a role in the progress of the unification processes of the church. This article presents a dynamic, bifocal reconciliation model for the unification process. This model aims at bringing about dynamic growth in mutual relationships, simultaneously also creating an opportunity for establishing authentic, accountable relationships. Reconciliation forms the basis for renewed growth on the road towards unity.
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