Interpretasieskemas binne jeugpastoraat in n postmoderne kultuur: n eko-hermeneutiese perspektief

  • JS Van der Watt
  • JGM Prins
Keywords: jeugpastoraat, pastoral care


The focus of this article is to present an eco-hermeneutical perspective on certain schemata of interpretation, through which young people gain an understanding of their reality, and conceptualise God. The investigation also enquires about the ways in which God-images can be utilised as an integration factor in a fragmented context, where youth identity formation takes shape. Within the deconstructional postmodern paradigm, young people frequently struggle to find significant meaning in life through “orthodox” God-images. Therefore the theme “spirituality” should be understood within the postmodern youth’s existential search for significant and meaningful identity and intimacy. Pastoral care to the youth should give attention to an understanding of God and God-images, which will address the youth’s need in this search so that faith in God ensues out of a practical and experiential spirituality.
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