Geloof in die spanningsveld van tradisie en empirie


  • AP Cilliers



Faith, self-criticism


Faith in the tension between tradition and empirical experience This article discusses three different relations: the relation between Scripture and tradition in theology, as well as the relation between faith and empirical experience and between theology as an academical discipline and the sociology of religion. With regard to the relation between Scripture and tradition it is argued that the Protestant sola scriptura should not be understood as a rejection of the positive role of tradition in theology. The theologian is an interpreter of tradition, but if a dead traditionalism is to be avoided, the context of the theologian should also be interpreted in theology. This raises the question of the relation between faith and empirical experience, as well as the extent to which theologians should rely on secular empirical disciplines for their understanding of the world we live in. The conclusion reached is that, for the theologian, the Christian tradition remains the basic interpretive framework for understanding the modern world, but that this does not exclude listening to other disciplines or maintaining a rigorous self-criticism.






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