Flip Theron se beskouinge oor eenheid en verskeidenheid in die kerk as “nuwe skepping”. Waardering van ’n oudstudent.


  • P Van der Walt




Flip Theron’s views on unity and diversity in the church as “new creation”. Professor Flip Theron taught his students that the church is a “new creation”, which is understood as “re-creation” (Noordmans). As a “new creation” the church is a “sign” of the kingdom of God. The church is not to be identified with the eschatological kingdom, but in the church’s existence and deeds, something of the kingdom breaks through. One of the central things that confirm this “sign”-character is the relationship between people of different race, social status and gender within the church. Where the sola gratia has leveled us with the ground we are one. Refusal of the communion of the saints is a betrayal of the gospel. This does not imply a secular strife for (sterile) uniformity. But diversity does not have to mean dividedness. Natural differences are not absolute in the one body of Christ, into which the church are incorporated by the one Creator Spiritus, one baptism and one faith.






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