Armoede en gemeenskap in die Lukasgeskrifte. Aspekte van Lukaanse spiritualiteit


  • PGR De Villiers



Poverty and community in the Lukan texts. Aspects of Lukan spirituality The article discusses the well-known focus in the Gospel of Luke on Jesus’ ministry to the poor and its link with entry into the Kingdom of God. This calls for an analysis of the relationship between such concrete matters like selling one’s possessions and handing out of money to the poor on the one hand, and the Kingdom of God as spiritual realm on the other hand. After an overview of recent attempts to explain the motif of the poor in Luke and to apply it to contemporary settings, the motif of poverty is discussed in terms of of the deeper, spiritual structures in which it is integrated in Luke-Acts that illuminate and intensify its significance. Special attention is given to the programmatic Nazareth-pericope in which the dynamic place of poverty in the ministry of Jesus is explained.






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