The implications of E Schillebeeckx’s theology of liberation for anthropology and creation


  • DJ Malan



Anthropology, Christian, Creation, Liberation, Praxis


The relevance of E Schillebeeckx’s theology for the South African context is seen in the implications of his theology for anthropology and creation. He has construed an experiential and contextual theology which unravelled the intrinsic correlation between “Christian liberation” and “modern emancipation”. In Christology, according to him, all aspects of theology are integrated. Even though some of the Schillebeeckx readers assume that his concern for liberation theology is a recent concern, Schillebeeckx himself has stated on the contrary that it is the golden thread throughout his theological endeavours. The dialogical relationship between church and world makes it impossible for the church to remain silent when they hear the cries of downtrodden and helpless people. This choice is so radical that it means more than even the confession of God. Hermeneutics is therefore not only the understanding of the Scriptures, but it is an instrument of renewal of man and world in the dialectical tension between history and eschatology.






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