Joy in Luke


  • FP Viljoen



Celebrate, Joy, Luke, Rejoice, Worship


Sometimes Christianity has been presented as a very solemn faith to the point of being gloomy. People have been so set on attaining the joys of heaven that they have forgotten the joys of earth. Luke would not have recognized such a way as truly Christian. Joy runs through his gospel. It is clear that he understood Christianity as a faith that filled the whole life with joy. This paper investigates the significance of the theme of joy in Luke’s Gospel. With the announcement of the birth of Jesus, a new era has dawned. Joy fills the scene. In the infancy stories in Luke 1:14 and 2:10 the dominant mood is that of joy. This mood persists throughout the Gospel as joy at the acts of Jesus (13:17 and 19:6). Joy is also the mood of people (18:43 and 19:37). There is joy in the finding of the lost (15:5-7, 9 and 32). There is joy at the knowledge that one’s name is written in heaven (10:20). Luke adds a final accent when the disciples return to Jerusalem with great joy after the ascension (24:52).






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