Kerkorde en grondwet – in die lig van God se koninkryk


  • A le R Du Plooy



Church, Church Order, Constituton, Freedom of religion, Kingdom, State


This article deals with the way in which justice and rightiousness and good order are applied in church and state. It focusses on issues such as the following: the relation between church and state, the relation between a church order and the constituton , the question regarding the authority and applicability of a constitution in ecclesiastical matters. From a theological point of view it became clear that the kingdom of God should serve as a important key to understand the relation between and the relevance of a church order and a constitution. The church and the state should be distinguished as two different spheres in society. The church is sui generis, it is an institution of God Himself, with the mandate and responsibility to govern itself according to the prescriptions and imperatives of the Word of God, in obedience and accountabilty to Jesus Christ, the only Head and King of his church.






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