The relevance of Galatians 5:16-26 in the modern “spiritual intelligence” debate


  • Elma Cornelius



spiritual intelligence, holy life, Christian spirituality, Bible, Galatians 5, 16-26


It is not acceptable for Christians to live their lives in isolation. It is important, especially for Christians to participate in, to influence and to hold an opinion regarding the relevant issues in the world. When our magazines and newspapers report something new, Christians should become actively engaged and position themselves. When a women’s magazine published an article about spiritual intelligence being a demand of the twenty-first century, I wondered whether Christians could view themselves as spiritually intelligent. Therefore, this article seeks to offer an exploration of what spiritual intelligence entails and a determination of the relevance of Galatians 5:16-25 in this debate. The list of virtues in this passage offers a clear picture of what a Spirit-filled life should be. The latter appears to be synonymous with a spiritually mature life, as demanded by our modern world. Being a Christian improves the way one manages everyday problems in the world. It alters the way one conducts business. Christian spirituality (like many other forms of spirituality) can contribute to a successful and whole person, family, company, and nation.