Die Ope Brief na 30 jaar: Steeds ’n wekroep aan die NG Kerk


  • Johan M Van der Merwe




Apartheid, Dutch Reformed Church, church and society, solidarity, unjust society


The Open Letter after 30 years: Still relevant to the Dutch Reformed Church The Open Letter to the Dutch Reformed Church was published on the 9th of June 1982. The Open Letter addressed serious problems in church and society with special regard to reconciliation, church unity and the prophetic calling of the church. It also proclaimed its solidarity with those who suffered in an unjust society. The reception of the Letter caused huge turmoil in the church but played an important role in motivating the church to revisit its policy on church and society. Three decades later, this article revisits the Letter and asks the question if, and then confirms that the Open Letter still has a relevant message to the Dutch Reformed Church. This is especially true with regards to a certain style of leadership, reconciliation, church unity, the prophetic calling of the church and solidarity with those who suffer in an unjust society. After thirty years, the message of the Open Letter is just as relevant and still challenges the Dutch Reformed Church as it did in the past.






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