Marital fidelity and chastity: The missing ethology in Charismatic pastoral leadership

  • Kelebogile T Resane University of the Free State
Keywords: marriage, ethology, charismatic, pastors, church


This paper aims to point out the rationale behind the Charismatic pastors’ moral flaw, especially in terms of marriage. It proposes some remedial initiatives to be considered and it recommends that the discussions about ministerial preparations or trainings should not only concern skills or methods of doing the ministry, but also include moral formation or character traits of leaders. Moral issues should take the centre stage and pastors must be morally upright before pointing fingers to the secular world or politicians’ moral decline. The public discourses should encourage moral values and ethics in general. Ethology, in this context, refers to ethical discourse. This discourse should be an intra-ecclesiastical endeavour where leaders convene to examine the theological understanding of marriage. The article concludes with suggested initiatives to remedy the situation.
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