Die NG Kerk se profetiese stem teenoor die Suid-Afrikaanse owerheid in die dekade na 1994 – vanuit kerklike perspektief en op kerklike wyse

  • Piet Strauss Universiteit van die Vrystaat
Keywords: Dutch Reformed Church, prophet, government, institution of faith


The prophetic voice of the Dutch Reformed Church to the South African Government in the decade after 1994When referring to the viewpoints of the Dutch Reformed Church as a whole, one should look for the decisions of its general synod. In trying to be a church and a prophet, this General Synod should speak out according to the Bible and in the way of a church or an institution of faith.The Dutch Reformed Church indeed spoke as a prophet to the government in the decade after 1994. However, it was done with a certain reluctance and not from an overall perspective. Two main factors contributed to this. There is a difference in worldview between this church and the government. The Dutch Reformed Church had the experience that a little came of its efforts.In the meantime the Dutch Reformed Church remains convinced that it should promote the kingdom of God in South Africa as a church and through its individual members.
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