Liturgie as ontmoetingsruimte waar Christelike identiteit en lewenswyse gevorm word

  • Jaco Barnard Universiteit van Pretoria
  • Cas Wepener Universiteit van Pretoria
Keywords: Practical Theology, liturgy, sermon, encounters, identity


Liturgy as space for encounters, which impact on the formation of Christian identity and way of life.The researcher aims to investigate the impact of various forms of encounters experienced during the Sunday liturgy on the identity and daily lives of believers. Three encounters are identified and studied. Firstly, the personal encounter between the individual and God. Secondly, encounters between people where individuals share in each other’s stories and realities. Thirdly, encounters with the world and society (the missional encounters with the world in need). This investigation aims to determine the impact of these encounters upon Christian identity and the subsequent way of life, from the conviction that liturgy and life are deeply related to one another and that these encounters shape the lives of worshippers within a unique South African society.
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