God within migration processes in the contemporary global world

An intervention proposition from theological hermeneutics for integrated migrant ministry


  • Vhumani Magezi North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa
  • Christopher Magezi North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa




Understanding and perceiving God in situations such as migration and times of pain is a challenge for theology and practical ministry. The following question is inevitable: where is God in all this? In this context, the challenge for theology is to develop a theological theory that provides a constructive perspective that leads to coping. The suffering and pain are amplified among migrants due to diverse and multifaceted needs and problems. In view of such a situation, this article explores an understanding of God within migration processes in the world, with a view to developing theological hermeneutics for an integrated migrant ministry intervention. It draws parallels between the global context of migration and the Bible as God’s processes. From these parallels, a theological understanding is developed to provide insight and perspective on migration, which is then applied to develop a constructive view of migration as well as develop a migrant ministry. A migrant ministry and intervention proposition are done based on a theological hermeneutical understanding of God and migrant praxis to ensure an integrated ministry. The article first outlines the framework, which is followed by a comparative analysis of migration in the contemporary global world and the Bible. A theological development based on God’s providence is formulated, then applied to developing a practical migrant intervention model (hermeneutical framework for integrated migrant ministry).






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