Pentecostals, LGBTIQ+ people and the Bible

An alternative Pentecostal hermeneutical perspective


  • Marius Nel North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa



The Bible seemingly confronts the issue of LGBTIQ+ people and/as believers. However, these texts can be interpreted at least in two ways, in terms of temporal orientation or of temporary orientation. The question whether LGBTIQ+ people should be allowed as members of the faith community and serve in ministry can be answered by viewing the relevant biblical texts as culturally and temporary determined ethical pronouncements that are valid only for the original readers of (or listeners to) the texts or as permanent, everlasting and perpetual principles valid for believers of all ages and normative for contemporary times across cultural divides. It is argued that Pentecostal hermeneutics establishes a third way to read the texts, by reversing the movement from text to situation and to allow the faith community’s experience of their encounters with God through the Spirit to determine their tolerance or non-tolerance of LGBTIQ+ people. The principle is demonstrated at the hand of the issue of women in ministry before being applied to the faith community and LGBTIQ+ people.






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