Between cathedral and monastery: Creating balance between a pastor’s personal faith and public role

Part 2: The munus triplex and the pastoral function


  • Peter David Langerman Stellenbsoch University



The ordained ministry has a public component which links the ordained person to Christ as prophet, priest, and king. So, the ordained person has a prophetic role, a priestly role and a royal servant role that is defined incarnationally: the ordained person is a disciple who is called to incarnate hope in their prophetic role, incarnate love in their priestly role and incarnate faith in their royal servant role. In order to not neglect their own spiritual formation, ordained persons should use prayer, scripture, and spiritual direction as a means by which to maintain balance between their own personal faith and their public role.

Author Biography

Peter David Langerman, Stellenbsoch University

Research FellowFaculty ofTheologyDepartment of Practical Theology and Missiology






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