An empirical interrogation of the Christian/Muslim inter-religious challenges in Northern Nigeria


  • Oholioabs D. Tuduks Gombe State University



Various researches indicate that Christians and Muslims in Northern Nigeria experience a tense and violent relationship that arises from a dysfunctional relationship embedded in a superiority/inferiority complex, discrimination, exclusion, and marginalization. The crisis has created deep-rooted trauma that has caused the two religious groups to co-exist in fear and suspicion. The dysfunctional relationship continues to propagate exclusive and discriminative lifestyle, and triggers tension and violence among Christians and Muslims in the region. This article uses an empirical study approach to engage in an investigation of the experience of Christian/Muslim co-existence in Northern Nigeria. The data collection method of interview was used in drawing the in-depth contextual experience of the people. Findings reveal challenges of Christian/Muslim co-existence, with alarming violence that continues to threaten inter-religious co-existence. Healing and reconciliation were recommended for creating inter-religious functional relationships among the Christians and Muslims in Northern Nigeria.






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