The role and influence of Andrew Murray Jr in missions within the Dutch Reformed Church and in wider context


  • Martin Pauw Stellenbosch University



When assessing Andrew Murray Jr’s role in missions, it should be done in the light of various factors, such as the particular spiritual and evangelical background of Scottish ministers who came to South Africa in the 1820s, the influence of Andrew Murray Sr on his children and descendants, also, regarding missions, a growing missionary awareness in the Dutch Reformed Church, and the advent of Societal Missions. The life and ministry of Andrew Murray Jr within the church and in the wider Christian community demonstrates the significance of the multifaceted role he played. This included his leading role in promoting missionary awareness and involvement within the church, establishing societies such as the Women’s Mission Society and the Ministers’ Mission Union, developing missionary training facilities for women and men, maintaining an ecumenical openness, initiatives in extending missions into various other parts of Africa and, added to all this, his extensive literary contribution, much of which was aimed at promoting the cause of mission, coupled to a growing emphasis on the importance of prayer and personal devotion.






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