Methods for poverty alleviation in Malawi using the principles of jubilee in the Old Testament


  • Patrick Nanthambwe Unit for Reformed Theology and Development in South Africa



church, Jubilee principles, poverty alleviation, Old Testament, Malawi


Africa faces a number of obstacles when it comes to the quality of life. In Malawi, more than two-thirds of the population lives in extreme poverty, almost all of whom rely on small-scale farming for their livelihoods. Despite efforts by both the government and religious and nonreligious organizations to address the issue, poverty is pervasive in Malawi. This article is guided by the question “What should be done to alleviate poverty in Malawi? Historically, the Church has taken over helping the poor and caring for widows, the destitute, and orphans. On the other hand, the law of jubilee in Leviticus 25 shows that the year of jubilee was a levelling of real assets that occurred every fifty years. This practice mitigated economic inequality making it possible for families not to live in the circle of poverty for generations. This article provides a response by analysing the literature on poverty and relating it to the jubilee principles of the Old Testament in order to propose possible methods for enhancing poverty alleviation in Malawi.







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