• Stellenbosch Theological Journal
    Vol. 5 No. 3 (2019)

    The well-known and influential South African theologian John de Gruchy turned 80 in March 2019. In this edition of the Stellenbosch Theological Journal (STJ) we offer nine peer-reviewed essays that engage with his workand legacy. A special word of thanks to David Field and Stephen Martin, two of De Gruchy’s former PhD-students at the University of Cape Town, for suggesting the idea to honour him in this way. Martin’s article “Writing the Kingdom of God in South Africa” enters into conversation with the final chapter (“The Kingdom of God in South Africa”) of De Gruchy’s classic study The Church Struggle in South Africa (first published in 1979),whereas Field puts forward the question (with a play on the title of one of De Gruchy’s lectures): “How can Europeans enter the Kingdom of God? A decolonial challenge to Western European political and public theologies in the age of migration.”
  • The beauty of folly – preaching, aesthetics and life Academic essays in honour of Johan Cilliers
    Vol. 5 No. 2 (2019)

    It is our privilege to include in this edition of the Stellenbosch Theological Journal (STJ) 28 peer-reviewed academic articles. We are especially pleased that these articles are presented in honour of Professor Johan Cilliers from Stellenbosch University, also given the fact that he has published over the years a large number of articles of high quality in STJ and NGTT (as the journal was previously known). We are sure that his work, and the articles presented here, will continue to enhance South African and international theological discourse on the themes that are central to his research. A special word of thanks also to Ian Nell, Nadine Bowers-du Toit and Xolile Simon for their reflections as part of the editorial foreword and their role as guest co-editors.
  • Stellenbosch Theological Journal
    Vol. 5 No. 1 (2019)

    From 21–25 October 2018 an international Barth conference was held in Stellenbosch with the theme “Embracing things past and things to come”.  A selection of the papers (by De Gruchy, Edwards, Field, Haddorff, Hartman, Nierop, Taljaard, and Wolff ) presented at the conference is included in this edition of the Stellenbosch Theological Journal as well as twelve further peer-reviewed articles . Many of these articles engage directly with ecclesial and societal challenges emanating from various South African contexts (see for instance the articles by Kgatla, Mashau, Pali, Resane, Vorster and Van Niekerk).